Acquisition of Marian Hossa at trade deadline not a bad move


    I respect Dave Molinari as a sports writer and think he covers the Pens as good as any NHL beat writer but with that being said, I have to disagree with his opinion concerning the Penguins acquiring Marian Hossa.
    Ray Shero has paid a huge price for a rental player regardless if “none of those players nor the pick left a void that can’t be filled”.
    The last time I checked, the Pittsburgh Penguins didn’t have the deepest prospect pool (beyond Crosby, Staal, Malkin and Letang) to give up good young players like Christensen, Armstrong, Esposito and 2008 1st and 2nd round picks (for Hal Gill). Shero also has to re-sign Malkin and Staal to new contracts when they will become RFAs after 2008-09 season so they need to keep the prospect pool well fed in the salary cap world of the NHL. These days an organization has to build and maintain their roster mainly through the draft with the occasional UFA signing.
    Let’s be realistic, Hossa and his agent, Rich Winter will not sign an extension with the Pens. Winter has stated that he has advised his client to become an UFA as it is a once in a lifetime situation for most players.
    Now if the Penguins win a Stanley Cup, then the rental will have been worth the cost but Shero should have addressed other areas of concern like adding a higher quality defenseman (Hal “pylon” Gill isn’t the solution) and/or a decent goalie who would have been insurance in case Ty Conklin isn’t the real deal or Marc-Andre Fleury isn’t completely ready after a serious high ankle sprain.
    The Penguins don’t have problems putting the puck in the net, they have a deficiency keeping it out!!!………..Mr. Lemieux and Shero have possibly risked the future wellness of the organization for a short term gain.


    1. I have to agree with you Habster…meaning I disagree with Molinari. Even though The Hockey News: Future Watch ’08 issue gives the Penguins an A+ rating for their under 22 talent, all of them are already in the NHL. Pittsburgh doesn’t have one future prospect that is in the top 50. Angelo Esposito is ranked #53 overall and now he is a member of the Thrashers…in addition to Armstrong, Christensen and the 2008 draft picks.

      The Penguins paid an enormous price for a (rental) player who most likely will command a free agent price too rich for the Pittsburgh payroll.

      Now that it has been revealed who the “4 elements” were demanded by Waddell…Higgins, O’Byrne, Grabovski and Matt D’Agostini…I’m pleased that Bob Gainey wasn’t pressured to make a deal-at-any-cost as Shero did on trade deadline day.

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