All Habs Top 10: Signs You Miss Hockey


By Chantal, Managing Editor, All Habs Hockey Magazine

It’s October! Our favourite month of the year! Cool weather, fall colours, the first signs of hockey fever..oh right. Since it’s actually locktober, I wanted to know, do you miss hockey? So I asked you. And you do! In fact, you miss it so bad that you’re engaging in pretty questionable behavior.

Here are the Top Ten Signs You Miss Hockey generated by you, our All Habs community.






You need a five minute time out after arguing with someone, ten minutes if you start it without their consent.


Every time you have a little argument with someone, you feel the need to facewash them.


You yell “Goddamnit, Versteeg!” at the grocery bagger.


You body check coworkers at the water cooler!


You bring your wife to the quiet room when she says she has a headache.


You called your opinionated, confused and slightly xenophobic uncle “Grapes” last night at family supper.


You send your kids to their room for two minutes for minor infractions, and five for fighting.


 You find yourself oddly interested in CBC’s curling coverage in the hopes a fight will break out on ice.


You can’t tell whether or not to shave or change your lucky socks, there are no stats to guide you!!


You walk into the house and hip check your spouse over the kitchen table.


Thank you to all who participated via Twitter, I love interacting with you! Do you have a Sign You Miss Hockey? Let us know!




  1. Haha! One of my favs came from Bruno Gervais, in french: “Sit at the dinner table, splash water on your face and spit on the floor.” Hahahahaha

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