Big Love for the Habs from the Twins [VIDEO]


MONTREAL, QC. — After a bit of a dry patch (last season) the playoffs have returned to Montreal. Habs fans have different ways of getting ready for the post-season: car flags, bleu, blanc and rouge painted faces and CH tattoos seem to be some of the most popular ways of showing your Canadiens pride.

Habs Song (Titanium) - YouTubeFor two young Montrealers, writing song lyrics is their way of celebrating the Habs and motivating fellow fans. Liliane and Laurence Trottier. The 13-year old twins have dabbled in posting cover tunes to Youtube but this is the first time that they recorded an original piece for the team that they love.

“Hey! This a cover that we wrote! It is for the Montreal Canadiens ( cuz we love them) and for the Habs fans! Enjoy and please share and like! We want the players to see it!
Go Habs Go!”

The sisters have a dream of someday singing the anthem at the Bell Centre. Maybe with an extended playoff run and some cooperation from the seventh floor of the Bell Centre, the twins can share another song, O Canada, to celebrate their 14th birthdays and the Canadiens entry into the Stanley Cup finals.