Brandon Prust Makes His Presence Felt Early [VIDEO]

(Photo/The Canadian Press, Graham Hughes)
(Photo/The Canadian Press, Graham Hughes)
(Photo/The Canadian Press, Graham Hughes)

By Steve Farnham, Associate Editor, All Habs Hockey Magazine

GREENFIELD PARK, QC. — Whether watching two grown men drop their gloves and launch haymakers at each other on a sheet of ice makes you cheer in excitement, or cringe at the thought of how dangerous the outcome could be, fighting is part of the game and there’s no getting around that.

Also, you can’t deny that the Montreal Canadiens signed Brandon Prust to add some much needed toughness to the Habs’ lineup, and it was only a question of time before he would want to make his presence felt.

Saturday night, in his first game with the Canadiens and on his very first shift, he did exactly that.

With the Canadiens struggling out of the gates and down 1-0 on the scoreboard, seven minutes into the game; In an attempt to spark some life into his teammates; Prust invited Mike Brown of the Maple Leafs for a quick dance at centre ice and both did exactly that.

Although neither of the two fighters left their opponent with any critical damage, it was clear that Prust had the upper-hand in this battle.

So far, Prust has everything going for him in Montreal. Before he had even signed with the Habs, many fans already knew his girlfriend Maripier Morin (@maripiermorin), who works in show-business in Quebec. Their ability to engage with people on Twitter quickly won them over many fans and followers. They make quite the lovely couple.

Prust continued to win over fans at the intra-squad earlier this week where in the shootout, he first attempted to pick the puck up onto his stick-blade from between his legs, before performing a spinorama launching the puck into the net from the air. Well, he never got the puck up onto his blade to begin with but he somehow managed to make it look good.

Secondly, Prust ended the never-ending and painful shootout at this very same intra-squad game by lobbing the puck into Budaj’s chest, before pushing him into his own net.

His humour also becomes apparent on Twitter where he never appears to take himself too seriously:

If you were not a fan of Brandon Prust when the Habs originally signed him, has anything made you change your mind since?


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