Bruins Tuukka Rask is Not Pleased With the Loss


By Steve Farnham, Associate Editor, All Habs Hockey Magazine

LONGUEUIL, QC. — Is there anything more upsetting than losing a hockey game? Losing it in a shootout? Maybe. How about what happened to Tuukka Rask.

After Brendan Gallagher scored in the shootout to put the Montreal Canadiens up 6-5 over the Boston Bruins, Rask couldn’t be more upset. As he approached the boards, he swung his stick in an attempt to break it (because that’s what mad goalies do when they lose in a shootout), but he failed. Instead, the momentum flung him into a twirl and he fell into the boards.

How embarrassing.

rask fail

Head bump to @TPBadam for posting and @NHLhistorygirl for spotting it.

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  1. Some people bookmark Youtube videos of cute cats to watch when they need a smile. This is going to be MY go-to/feel-good video. Awesome game, even better win, and BEST tantrum ever!

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