Burke at top of Leafs’ GM Wish list, Gainey too?


    MLSE can kick the tires all they want but Bob Gainey and Brian Burke are extremely loyal people who will not be persuaded to go to Toronto. Even with Gainey signing an extension through 2010-11 season and Burke about to sign a lucrative contract extension with the Anaheim Ducks within weeks, there is still this arrogance among the Toronto media and/or MLSE that still believes Gainey/Burke would prefer to be the GM of the Maple Leafs with all its warts and problems…….and believe me, there are some serious issues to be dealt with on and off the ice.
    Regardless how much money and/or complete autonomy MLSE will throw at Gainey or Burke, why in the world would they leave their hockey organizations and the wonderful situations in those organizations. They have developed and worked so hard to build their very talented hockey teams which will only get better in the years to come.
    It amazes me beyond belief how highly MLSE thinks of itself as the center of the sports world, bottomline:
    Raptors: 0 championships and limited playoff exposure.
    Toronto Maple Leafs: No Stanley Cup championships in over 40 years and a very below average team that isn’t going to get much better for 2-3 years.
    MLSE,….you had your chance to sign Bob Gainey a few years ago and dropped the ball because of the usual in-house bickering and power struggle that is MLSE……..get over it, learn from it and stop thinking that every NHL GM wants to be the next Maple Leaf general manager!!!
    The grass isn’t greener in the Toronto Maple Leafs backyard, it just needs a hell of a lot of chemicals and weeding to make it look pretty and even after that, looks can be very deceiving!!!


    1. LOL. I think Dreger makes these comments because his LAFFS stink and well if he can’t have a winning team he might as well Irk other teams Fans just to be spiteful.

      I was dying when i read that…not sure why anyone in their right mind would want to go their other than the challenge it would pose to turn them around. The one and only saving grace of that orgainization is Mats Sundin. One heckuva player and teammate. He would fit nicely into a Habs uniform but he wont come here for the same reason that Gainey wouldn’t go there.

      Too funny…oh well, i guess we’ll just have to settle for being one of the most exciting hockey teams in the league. Maybe one day we’ll be as amazing as the Leafs and their organization but in the meantime i’ll have to settle for the Habs. LMAO.

    2. Hey Geoffrey,

      You’re right about Darren “My beloved Leafs” Dreger…….let’s be honest, he did work for Sportsnet….the all leafs, all the time station!!!( they still lead off their highlight package with the 12th place Leafs….gheez!!!)
      I put my faith in McKenzie and McGuire when it pertains to insider information, nothing against Leaf Boy but he doesn’t have the same reputation or connects as the other two. I don’t think a janitor at the ACC counts as a reliable source……but I digress!!!
      I know I take shots at Leafs fans but I truly feel for them as MLSE has totally destroyed the organization……it was bad enough having Harold Ballard as an owner but now they have Richard Petty, Larry Tannenbaum and the Teachers Pension Fund…..what a mess!!!
      Thank god we have an exciting team with a classy owner who allows Bob Gainey to run the show without interference.
      Anyhow, thanks for your comments and readership!!!

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