Calgary Sun: Tanguay ignores trade talk



    I truly doubt that Calgary would even consider this trade possibility as Alex Tanguay is in the prime of his career (he will be 28 next month) and had a solid season (81 points +12) last year after a slow start. On the other hand, Alex Kovalev had a below average season last year (47 points -19) and is 34 years old. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out the math!!! Even if you throw in either Begin or Latendresse, it still doesn’t make sense for Calgary. Tanguay also has a no-trade clause so it’s a non-starter.
    It’s just CKAC throwing names out there and isn’t it a coincidence that the three players involved in these rumours were dealing with some sort of controversy this week. Whichever way the wind will blow, the media will make the winds stronger!!!!