Canadiens Top 20 prospects, Spring 2008



    It’s great to see some of the Canadiens mid-late round draft picks blossom and develop their games. There are four non-rated players (Trotter, Weber, Wyman and Conboy) on the updated Canadiens top 20 prospect list.

    The Canadiens (Trevor Timmins in particular) have done a great job of drafting late round gems (ie- Sergei Kostitsyn, 7th rounder, 200th overall, 2005) and that should only improve over the next few years with super scout Frank Jay working for the Habs scouting department.

    The one player whose development concerns me is David Fischer who has had some health issues and is also playing for a weaker University of Minnesota. He hasn’t progressed as well or as rapidly as Trevor Timmins thought he would and frankly I wouldn’t have rated him above Subban, Weber, Emelin and especially Valentenko (Rated #19?????………doesn’t make sense to me).