Canadiens trade Huet to Capitals for a 2009 2nd round pick


    I can’t say that I’m terribly shocked by Bob Gainey trading Huet but I’m a bit disappointed/surprised by the low return. You have to think that Gainey will use this pick to obtain Marian Hossa or add another player to the roster (possibly a veteran goalie like Roloson).
    It was obvious that the Canadiens were not going to re-sign Huet at the end of the season and were not prepared to lose him for nothing which almost seems like they did with this deal. The day is still very early with Gainey not being done yet. Gainey might trade this pick for another veteran goalie to bring some stability in case Price falters or a solid defenseman to pair with Roman Hamrlik.
    It would have been interesting to see Gainey get Olaf Kolzig who was a mentor to Carey Price as he is one of the owners of Price’s former junior team, the Tri-City Americans and thinks very highly of young Mr. Price. Olaf Kolzig is also an UFA at season’s end so in hindsight they could have still lost him as well.



    1. I think that it is easy to get influenced by the Montreal media hype concerning Huet. I believe that Huet is one of the most overrated players but in Montreal only. The Hockey News report showing Huet at #22 among goaltenders is a far more accurate reflection of his value throughout the league. I was hopeful that Huet would be part of a package sent to Tampa Bay for Brad Richards. Perhaps he was offered to the Bolts but when they settled on Mike Smith, I am thrilled that Gainey wasted no time sending Huet to Washington. This is a significant move. Not only does it free up salary for perhaps a move to be made later, it also ensured that the Canadiens get something for a UFA player who was certain not to be resigned. Most importantly, this will do more for Carey Price’s development than any stint in Hamilton. He is a much better goaltender than Huet and now it is formally recognized that he is the clear #1. Let’s not forget that the Habs will have a very capable goaltender in Halak as their #2. Sometimes a deletion is as important as an addition. Kudos to Gainey for a great move!

    2. Like the Rocket I love this move not because of the pick, though T.T. will do his usual and pick a diamond in the rough, but the fact Price becomes the #1. I’m a HUGE Carey Price fan and see nothing but great things from him. The playing time he will get will be invaluable for the future. Gainey is putting the success or failure of this team into the hands of the young players, Pleks, AK46 & Mini K, Grabovski, Price, Mad Max and so on. These are going to the guys who will be there when they win many times down the road.

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