24 Stanley Cups, Hungry for More

"And now, a twenty- fourth Stanley Cup banner will hang from the rafters of the famous Forum in Montreal." Everytime I read or hear that quote, forever immortalized by the voice of Bob Cole, goosebumps surface along the top of my arms and the back of my neck. Real tears fill my eyes as I relish in the glory of the Montreal Canadiens last conquering crusade to bring Lord Stanley's Cup home.

What Offseason? Attend an All Habs Fan Event!

by Amy, AllHabs.net PHILADELPHIA, PA -- The official end of the 2010-11 NHL hockey season is upon us - but that doesn't mean that the...

Montreal, Mon Coeur — My Heart

I was sitting on the subway, taking my then-daily ride into work in midtown Manhattan and listening to the delightful sounds of Rick Moffat and Murray Wilson on podcast, when Rick Moffat plugged Dunn’s Famous Smoked Meat. I thought to myself, “man, how nice would that be right now?” In fact, at the time, I think I tweeted about it, but Twitter was still in its infancy (mid 2008) and there weren’t enough people around to even care. The podcast made me extremely wistful of Montreal and the four years I lived there; these podcasts connected me to the city in a way that only served to amplify the nostalgia.

Habs Hockey: Better with Friends, Old and New

It's a Saturday without Habs Hockey. It doesn't happen often, but when it does it's just odd. I feel out of sorts all day -- seems that my system has become accustomed to Saturday hockey over many years of being a fan and then covering the Montreal Canadiens.

Heritage Classic Tickets and Parties

by Rick Stephens, AllHabs.net MONTREAL, QC.-- Picture Jose Theodore with a red, white and blue touque over his mask, his breath visible in the -18...

Food + Drink + Canadiens = Habs Tweetup

I told my friends I was going to a tweet up. They looked at me confused as they confirmed my absolute dorkiness and commitment to the internet.  Not many of my friends tweet, but a lot of my new friends do. Friends I met through 140 characters of banter at a time. It wasn't any tweetup either, it was a Habs Tweetup.

THE Place for Habs Fans

Game two of the season featured the Canadiens first visit to the new home of the Penguins, the Consol Energy Center. With two goals in the last 2:12 of the game, the Habs completed the comeback for a thrilling win.