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** At All Habs, we’re proud to feature the fine work of hockey writers who follow potential draftees all year long and share their analysis with you.  Preparing for the draft is easy, just visit the All Habs Draft Centre. **

MONTREAL, QC. — Your Montreal Canadiens haven’t played a game in just over two months.  Yet excitement among Habs fans has already started to build; within two weeks, it will be at a fever pitch.

The 2012 NHL Entry Draft.

This year the draft will be closely watched by Habs devotees and casual fans alike.  Why?  Because the move made on June 22 will be more important than any of the 82 games last season.  Much more important.

With the Canadiens slated to pick third overall, the player taken should be a franchise player who, once he graduates to the big club, could be exciting the Bell Centre faithful  for a decade. With this much at stake, you don’t want to miss it.  In fact you want to be surrounded by your friends and fellow Habs fans when Trevor Timmins and Marc Bergevin take the stage in Pittsburgh to put their stamp on the future of the team.

There is only one place to be on this night. It’s at the Habs Draft Party at McLean’s Pub in Montreal, just a stone’s throw away from the Bell Centre.

All Habs Hockey Magazine is proud to host its 4th Annual Draft Party to help Canadiens fans welcome the newest prospect and best hope for a return to Cup glory.

Reserve your free VIP pass today by registering on Facebook or by clicking the “Count me in!” link.

You can expect great food and drink specials, trivia, contests, prizes, and the hospitality of our friends at McLean’s!  And of course the 2012 NHL Entry Draft live from Pittsburgh on the multiple screens throughout the pub.

We’ll be joined by the crew from Montreal Hockey Talk who will be broadcasting live on location.

You don’t want to miss it!

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