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Know the NHL NHLPA Agreement: New CBA 101

In light of the NHL and the NHLPA reaching an agreement after almost four months of intense negotiations, putting us through the roller coaster of hell, who really wants to start studying the ins and outs of this new CBA and its intense lingo?

Someone I Would be Proud to Vote For

This Tuesday, September 4th, the province of Quebec will hold provincial elections. I'm less than thrilled about this. Don't get me wrong, I'm proud to be a voting citizen and I would never not vote in an important election... but this election makes me feel like all I'm doing is picking a poison. I'm not sure there's anyone worth voting for.

Letters from Bergevin: Dear Scott Gomez

I hope summer in Alaska is treating you well and that you're training hard for the upcoming hockey season. I write you today to discuss our intentions for the upcoming 2012-'13 season, and where you fit in the team's plans.

Two Minutes for Asking: July 1st Woes

by Rookie, Staff Writer, MONTREAL, QC. — Welcome to Two Minutes For Asking, the All Habs Network’s new advice column for hockey fans. Please be warned that...

Two Minutes For Asking: Need Hockey Fan Advice?

by Rookie, Staff Writer, MONTREAL, QC. -- Welcome to Two Minutes For Asking, the All Habs Network's new advice column for hockey fans. Please be...

Your Guide to Former Habs in 2012 NHL Playoffs

I wasn't expecting this to happen. This year's playoffs have been incredibly entertaining so far, and yet all I could do in the second round is think about the players who used to be Habs. Can't I just watch games? Apparently not.

Laugh Lines: Leafs, Habs to Meet on the Ice, then the Greens

Written by Craig "Frenchie" McFarlane, Special to TORONTO, ON. -- This just in... "acting GM" Geoff Molson... no, I'm kidding, "acting GM" ('til June anyway)...