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Jacob Trouba

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MONTREAL, QC. — Nasty, swift, and packing a punch, Jacob Trouba is a Mack truck on skates. With powerful strides, and solid speed, Trouba uses his body as a weapon able to administer hit after hit, making forwards think twice before crossing his path. The young up-and-coming defender is a fierce competitor that does not believe in taking no for an answer. Trouba is a player that is able to be a pillar of stability on the back end infusing his teammates with confidence and being a leader by example.

Jacob TroubaWeighing in at six foot two, one hundred and ninety five pounds, Trouba brings qualities that any NHL team would love to have. Trouba’s skating is one of his strongest assets; for a big defender he is remarkably mobile making him an even more dangerous opponent. Trouba also possesses an intense physical presence that meshes well with his strong hockey sense, allowing him to be positionally sound, and by the accounts of many scouts, downright dominant in his own zone.

While he isn’t expected to be a 60-point defender in the NHL, he does possess raw offensive potential that could make him an even more effective two-way defenseman. Trouba, born in Rochester, Minnesota, can also be a fixture on the powerplay, featuring a big booming shot, a quality highly sought after in the NHL.

With such a diverse and powerful skillset, Jacob does have his faults like any other player.

While offense is an integral part of hockey, the Rochester native’s current offensive ability leaves much to be desired as scouts mention he sometimes looks lost with the puck questioning his awareness. Trouba can also get carried away going for a big hit thereby taking himself out of play, however his skating and defensive awareness make up for these types of short-comings, making him that much more of an intriguing selection.

Trouba is seen by many as a “safe” pick: a player that will likely make the NHL and be a regular, logging between twenty and twenty-five minutes a night. He could end up developing his arsenal later on in his career, but for now it is likely his stay-at-home style will be what he focuses on to make the transition to the NHL.

With his offensive toolset yet to be harnessed, Trouba’s package remains ever so appealing to many teams.  To some his large frame and top notch defensive ability are a reminder of Buffalo Sabres defenseman Robyn Reghr, or Jack Johnson of the Columbus Blue Jackets.  Trouba is expected to be selected in the top ten in the NHL Entry Draft, and to whomever has the privilege of selecting him, they will be receiving the keys to one superb player who can be a solid intimidating force for years to come.

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