Christmas in June: Mathew Dumba

(Photo courtesy of the Edmonton Journal)

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MONTREAL, QC. — You hear an earth shattering boom — you look to your right, you look to your left. You are uncertain if it was a vicious hit, or a colossal slapshot. When delivered by Mathew Dumba, both are possible answers.

(Photo courtesy of the Edmonton Journal)

Dumba, born in Calgary Alberta, is a top notch defender for the Red Deer Rebels of the WHL. He has been the mighty hammer that drives their blue line forward, whether it was to deliver a highlight reel hit that would have even the toughest grinder shaking in his boots or being superb with the puck creating dazzling plays, and unleashing the fury of his powerful slapshot.

Dumba, at a solid six feet tall, one hundred and seventy three pounds, has a lot to offer, and is considered by many scouts to be one of if not the best defender in the draft. He is likely to be selected in the top five, and is one of the most dynamic with his unique style of play. Dumba has drawn comparisons from many hockey minds who mention names such as Dion Phaneuf, P.K. Subban, and Scott Stevens. Comparisons aside it’s the popular belief that Dumba has the potential to be an elite defender who can put up points, hit with authority, and keep up with the best using his great speed.

With strong defensive play, and excellent poise, Dumba also possess a wealth of hockey sense that makes him very effective defensively, and extremely dangerous offensively. Included in Dumba’s aggressive play is his ability to drop the gloves — he is quite adept at landing haymaker after haymaker, making most people regret going toe-to-toe with him. Dumba has arguably the most complete package for a defender in this draft, as well as the drive to become a great player.

Often a player of Dumba’s style can be described as reckless, however it is that type of play that makes him so effective. The key for Mathew will be to harness his recklessness, making sure to use it wisely to avoid injuries, and high risk plays that go awry. Mathew will also need to add more muscle to fill out his frame, making him an even bigger threat on the ice. Aside from the aforementioned, there aren’t many faults to Dumba’s game — he is an extremely talented individual, bringing a hybrid style of big open ice hits, solid defensive play and explosive offensive power.

Dumba has some room to grow, and with his high octane style of play, he will have to make sure to always think ahead of the play to avoid compromising situations. At the end of the day whichever team drafts Mathew will be receiving a very special player that will be seen as a corner stone piece to build around for years to come. Dumba skates like the wind, and hits like a train, not many defensemen can say they have that combination, which makes for a volatile cocktail of skill and mayhem.


  1. He sounds like the real deal for a team looking for a top end defense man. Seeing how EDM has drafted 3 top end forwards in recent drafts,I could see them either picking him 2nd or trading down to 3rd (assuming standings don’t change)to pick him.If this can happen I see the opportunity for the Habs to grab Grigorenko either 3rd or by trade, 2nd overall. We’ll see soon enough.

    • Totally agree with you about EDM, I believe he fits their system very well and you will eventually want a tough D man with offensive skill to compliment the young guys and help out Theo Peckham. As for Habs drafting Grigorenko I am not sold on him, I’d rather we shoot for Galchenyuk, excluding his injury he imo is the safer pick of the two. Grigorenko has had alot of mixed reviews as of late, whether it was playing injured, or lack of commitment on plays. Right now it wouldn’t surprise me to see Grigs fall a few spots.

      Thanks for the comment, and I’m glad you enjoyed the read :)

      • Well yes, the debate for draft picks will rage on as long as we have a draft. The internal debates which go on for draft picks must be intriguing.We should be happy with either Grigorenko or Galchenyuk but my fear is going for the “best” athlete available as opposed to targeting a specific need. Again, Dumba might be the best athlete available at our spot but what will we do?
        Thanks again James for an interesting topic.

    • i agree we are knee deep in defence i drool over seeing this stud…grigorenko centering our first or second line …we need a power forward not another defenceman

      • I believe the “powerforward center” need is a little skewed.

        I’ve always believed that Habs need a true #1 center, an elite one at that, who has very strong hockey sense, can take a hit and be consistent.

        I’d take a Stamkos over a Getzlaf to give you an example of what I mean.

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