Don’t trade Huet: It’s still too early to put all our playoff eggs in one Price


    I’m not sure I’m of the same opinion as Pat Hickey when it pertains to giving the goaltending reins to Carey Price, even into the playoffs. The Eastern Conference is pretty much wide open with no clear cut Stanley Cup favorite so it’s difficult to agrue with Hickey’s view about keeping Cristobal Huet as an insurance policy but hear me out.

    Here are my agruments for considering a trade of Huet:

    1. Carey Price has a history of carrying teams to the promised land: 2008 WJC and 2006-2007 Calder Cup,…….Stanley Cup????? Yes, he’s 20 year old and relatively inexperienced at the NHL level but there are previous examples of inexperienced/young goaltenders carrying teams far into the playoffs and even winning the Stanley Cup (ie- Cam Ward, Patrick Roy, Ray Emery, Ken Dryden……etc).
    2. Letting Huet walk away at the end of the season for nothing isn’t an appealing situation especially when re-signing him will be difficult with Price waiting in the wings and Huet wanting a 3-4 year contract at $4-$5 million per season…..pretty steep price for a potential back-up!!!
    3. Trading Huet (in a package or alone) could bring the Canadiens a strong return to strengthen other areas (top 6 forward, #3-4 defenseman, big/strong face-off guy,…..) for a strong playoff run.
    4. It’s only been three games but Carey Price looks strong in every aspect of his game right now and simply put, has outplayed Cristobal Huet whose game has been average at best his last few games. Huet also hasn’t proven anything in his limited playoff exposure……if you truly look at the situation with an open mind, you could even agrue that Carey Price has accomplished more as a 20 year old than Cristobal Huet has as a 32 year old, it’s not even debateable!!!


    1. I’m appalled by the opinions you express here. Do you remember Jose Theodore playing really well and also getting burned out?

      When Price is ready, Huet can be traded with his contract – lots of teams will still want him.

      Huet is the #1 goalie without doubt – Price flaked in December while Huet led Montreal to most of its wins.

    2. I’m sorry if you’re “appalled” by my opinion on the matter but if another team makes an offer that blows Gainey away and can help his team in other areas, then he has to consider it. The bottomline is to improve your team for a strong playoff run especially with no clear cut favorite in the East.

      Do I think the Habs should trade him for the sake of trading him? Not at all…..but if there is a deal that makes your roster that much stronger then you make it!!!
      Gainey can’t or won’t be that close minded about Huet and his options…..his name isn’t Milbury or Ferguson.

    3. Habster,

      Like you I feel it would be a good move, but unfortunately, Trade Deadline isn’t the time to do it. Most teams are not in need of a goaltender and if you are Tampa or LA your already out so why make the move now. Draft or pre-draft is the time to move a goalie as all teams are in the same position at that time, only he will be days away from UFA. That is why I believe leafs should move Toskala then. No one will rock the boat during the playoff run and like I said I don’t think any real cup contenders need goaltending (except Ottawa and Gainey wouldn’t be that dumb). In the end a Price Huet tandem isn’t all that bad.

      Nice blog dude!!

    4. Habster in Leafland,

      You make a good point regarding playoff contenders not needing goaltenders (Detroit and Nashville being the exception). As far as waiting until/before the draft to unload him, Huet won’t have any trade value after the season as he will be an UFA. You might get a draft choice (4th-7th rounder) from a team to allow them to try to negociate with Huet before the July 1st deadline but beyond that……..
      I agree that having a Huet/Price tandem isn’t a bad thing unless their playing the RANGERS!!!!…..Jesus…..they just made it 5-0 against our tandem…..@#$%&!!
      Anyhow, thanks for your comments and compliment, they’re appreciated!!

    5. Fair enough, if someone makes Gainey an offer for Huet, he should consider it. But the game tonight shows why Huet is still #1. Can Montreal afford to lose its #1 goalie before the playoffs? I’m still inclined to say no.

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