For Better or Worse: This is Your Team!

    46 (Eric Engels):
    Gainey press conference:
    Paraphrased, as I typed out his answers (English and French) to get it out as quick as possible:
    “We’re dissapointed, we had a chance to get Hossa, but we will continue towards our primary goal: Making the Playoffs”.
    “I think between Price and Halak, there’s a risk, their not experienced, but they are quality players. There’s only one net, and only so much time you can spend in that net. There’s a risk/reward I’ve decided to take with Price..
    .”We have spent a lot of this year evaluating Huet longterm, we were looking for something from him from his play that would’ve enabled us to keep him longterm, the decision today is a reflection based on that evaluation process…
    “There were a number of teams interested in a goalie…but this was the only deal we had on the table for Huet, and we made the decision yesterday, if anything was going to be offered, we were going to go with Halak and Price”
    “The prices throughout the day changed, if we could’ve gotten a 5th or 6th rd pick as well it wouldn’t have made much of a difference”
    “Basically just to shape it for you, at a point today we spoke to Atlanta and they asked us for four elements and 3 of them were skating in our lineup tongiht, when we added it up we wouldn’t give them what they were asking for, we countered with an offer that was less than what was involved and they made a decision”
    “We added the two best players in the AHL to our roster tonight. Grabovski will play, he’s played great…what else can he do? Halak is the best goalie in the AHL, we decided to go with our young players”
    “We’ve spoken with Atlanta for the last 3 days. Today they changed their demands.”

    “Guy doesn’t explain all his decisions to me, he’s in charge of who plays how many minutes. We do see our future in goal being in one of these two young goalies…we could’ve made trades for both of these kids, and believe me teams wanted them!”
    “We had chances to trade Ryder over the last two months, and we felt it was a sideways move for another underacheiver. We wanted an impact player…”
    “I don’t know how anyone can talk about what they’ll do next year. Today we can speculate on who won and who lost at the deadline, but in 4 weeks it’s a whole new season. Our young players will learn, and I felt it was best to keep everyone in place for the experience together…”
    “We’ll try to add in ufa season, as we have the cap space”
    “We had discussions for other impact players, but not today.”
    “This hasn’t been an easy year for Ryder. He’s an excellent offensive player, with specific talents that are hard to find. We’re trying to get Ryder working on all cylinders…it’s nothing but win-win with him, and better for us if he plays better, and better for him.”
    “Finally, I think with our 3rd and 4th line, and our 5th 6th and 7th dmen, we’re comfortable with what we have…we weren’t trying to do small things to adapt…we aren’t weak in most areas, we wanted to try to improve with an impact player, but short of that…”
    “You always think your offer is better than someone else’s…Marian Hossa will certainly help them, and we’ll all see how the rest of the season and the playoffs will go…”
    “We never had the option to negotiate with Hossa. Wadell never wanted to include that in the negotiations”
    “We got a second round pick offered for Huet, because they had two second round picks in ’09.”
    “I’m dissapointed and i’m not. The guys here are smart, and understand the difference, we have a complete team, they didn’t have one in Atlanta where Hossa was an individual without much around him…”
    “Surely, finally, we thought it was necessary for us to grab an impact player, and it didn’t happen.”