Forsberg won’t return to NHL this year


Finally Peter Forsberg made a decision and it probably was a difficult choice to make for such a gritty, character and proud player. You have to wonder if this could be the end of a great hockey career for Forsberg as it’s been over two years with the same problematic foot.

With Forberg’s name out of the trade deadline picture, it suddenly changes the dynamics of the market place for available higher end forwards like Marian Hossa, Mats Sundin, Patrick Marleau and even Jaromir Jagr. General managers like Don Waddell, Cliff Fletcher, Doug Wilson and Glen Sather will have more of a buyers market to peddle their goods.

The exclusion of a Forberg deal this week will probably also delay transactions closer to February 26th as there won’t be any chain reaction deals that usual occur after a rival team signs an impact player like Forsberg……..I guess time will tell but let us hope the fireworks start sooner rather that later.