Gainey Would Like To Sign An Impact Player but: "I’m not sitting on the edge of my seat thinking it’s going to happen."


    Canadian Press:

    Habs GM Bob Gainey, speaking in general terms about his team’s possible needs, said he would like to add an impact player but wasn’t convinced it was going to happen.
    “We’re not really looking for any sideways moves,” said Gainey. “A lot of the players on our team are still developing and getting better. I suppose an intangible is that we’re missing a lot of experience. We don’t have a lot of playoff experience, but have depth in most areas. …
    “If we could upgrade significantly to an ‘A’ player, those are the kinds of things that we’re interested in,” added Gainey. “We would try to put together a deal that would make that work. But there’s not many of them. They’re rare to find here. I’m not sitting on the edge of my seat thinking it’s going to happen.”


    As I’ve said before, Bob Gainey will not over pay for that “impact” player and the above interview (click on title for entire article) seems to bare that out, with Gainey trying to land a player but not willing to overpay for it. Smart move by Gainey because the asking price will be crazy for a rental player like Sundin or Hossa without a commitment beyond July 1st.
    The team’s chemistry is very good right now and they’re in a position of strength, tied for first place in the Eastern Conference………tinkering,
    Bob…..tinkering……..add another defenseman and/or a solid center who can win face-offs but don’t make any foolish moves!!!