Habs Inside-Out: Souray’s leadership can be replaced, Latendresse says


    Habster take:

    Sounds like Maxim Lapierre’s nose is out of joint which should make him come to camp with a chip on his shoulder(more than usual) and something to prove to Guy Charbonneau.
    If Guillaume Latendresse does become a 30-40 goal scorer and becomes a UFA, I hope he is true to his words: “I am from Montreal and I am treated well by the organization, so when it comes time for my free agency, I don’t see why I would go anywhere else. It’s a question of loyalty,” Latendresse said.
    It’s nice to hear this quote but time will tell, won’t it Habs fans!!!!


    1. Well, the bar is quite high this year. As a fan of the Habs, I don’t see anything wrong with Souray going to Edmonton. No matter how impressive his offencive stats from the last season are, Souray has regressed in defence over the last 2 years. Besides, even though Andrei Markov is not as good as Souray in scoring, Markov doesn’t get deked as often as Souray.

    2. Hey Anh Khoi Do ,

      I can’t disagree with you, Souray will not be as productive next year. With his defensive liabilities and potential for injuries, Oilers may not get their monies worth. I think Roman Hamrlik will be an improvement and don’t be surprised if Ryan O’Bryne works his way up to the second pairing with Hamrlik as the season progresses.


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