Habs Motivation: Competiveness, Pride, Jobs


Written by Effie, AllHabs

MONTREAL, QC — A competitive nature, being part of a competitive team, no matter what is happening, is all about the win. That is the goal. The only goal.

If having this competitive nature was enough, then the Habs wouldn’t be in the position they are in currently.

Yet they are still motivated.

Knowing the playoffs are completely out of reach, the motivation remained.

Every game, our CH wearing heroes, don their Habs jerseys and go out there and try to win.

What is their motivation now? We know it isn’t the chance of a playoff berth. That is quite unfortunately, abundantly clear.

They are motivated by pride as no professional hockey player ever puts his best foot forward to lose.

“Its not fun playing and knowing you’re not going to make it. It’s definitely hard but at the same time you are putting on the Habs jersey and you’re going out there and playing, for pride and some guys are playing for jobs and contracts. Everyone has their own motivation. If you’re lacing up your skates in this locker room you wouldn’t be thinking about going out there to lose it’s not programmed in any hockey player.” — Canadiens goaltender Carey Price

The younger players are motivated by a need to show of what they are capable.

“There’s a lot of guys in this room that still have a lot to prove, with nine games left, we want to build momentum to continue to build our team identity, by playing hard every night and showing up, especially when we are at home. Every game for us is important . None of us take our jobs for granted. We have a young team and the young guys are getting that experience. We’re still learning. We’ve been able to play and learn how to be a professional. We’re very optimistic. It’s our job as professionals to win hockey games and put points on the board.”  — Canadiens defenseman, P.K. Subban

The team was riddled with a plethora of injuries this year. Yet they still toiled away and worked hard.

Why? They are still motivated

This motivation is the key.

The Habs have what it takes to be winners. They have the drive, they have a truckload of heart.

Josh Gorges blocked over 200 shots so far this season. This warrior’s motivation? To be the best and win games.

“It takes a lot of bravery, he has a lot of courage to stand in front of the net like that . He drops to one knee and gets right down there. It’s always a good pick-me-up on the bench for all the guys and builds energy . I don’t know where our penalty kill would be without him this year.”  Canadiens forward, Erik Cole

(Photo by Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images)

They have the talent. This is without a doubt. They are nurturing the young players as they are the future of this franchise.

So what was missing?


Andrei Markov and Ryan White missing in action from the beginning of the season hurt.

Losing Brian Gionta and Travis Moen hurt.

Yet the team is still in there. Fighting for every point, for every faceoff, for every scramble.

They haven’t given up.

This is a team with character.

A team that I proudly support.

A team I know will be fantastic in October.

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