Habs Season Over too Soon? No, I’m Good


by Rookie, AllHabs.net

MONTREAL, QC. — For the first time since I really became a Habs fan, my Montreal Canadiens have not made the playoffs. I’m not used to this.

I love spring in Montreal, because everyone jumps on the Habs’ playoff bandwagon, which is less annoying than you’d think. It’s kind of nice to see the CH everywhere you go. It’s like the city wakes up from its long winter’s nap. This year, there won’t be any of that. This year, I know what it feels like to wait a million days for the next game.

But, oddly enough, I’m happy that this season is over.

This wasn’t the kind of season that would have led to an impressive playoff run. This year’s Habs deserve to start their summer early and rest up for next season, rather than risk injury in a postseason that won’t go anywhere. I was happy to watch the team end the regular season with a bang, salute the fans, and then give  the jerseys off their backs to a lucky few. It was a real ending to the season.

This way I can give my regular-season superstitions a rest and take my unlucky Josh Gorges shirt out of mothballs. Maybe this way, we all won’t have to turn into playoff monsters, completely consumed by everything related to the Drive For 25. We can take a step back and just watch the playoffs for what they are. And then, just like the players we watched all season, we’ll come back in October, cheering louder than ever.

When we’re not booing the Bruins, that is.