Habs360 Podcast: Bergevin Preparing To Make A Deal [AUDIO]

(Source: TVA Sports)

Posted by Chris G, Digital Radio Producer, All Habs Hockey Magazine

(Source: TVA Sports)
(Source: TVA Sports)


MONTREAL, QC — This week’s episode (February 14th) of the Habs360 podcast was hosted by Chris G (@chrisg1980) and Peter (@PeterGalanos).

This week’s topics:


  • Canadiens getting ready to face the Maple Leafs.
  • Canadiens struggling against non-playoff teams.
  • Lars Eller and Alexei Emelin on the move?
  • and lots more!

Listen to this week’s episode of the Habs360 podcast in the player above.

The next episode will air LIVE on Saturday, February 21st at 2pm ET.

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  1. Trade Tokarski, he is very unpredictable. Deal him to Edmonton for Yakupov and a minor league goaltender, possible throw in Emelin to for Petry, plus we get a 2nd rounder, it all works out.

  2. I wouldn’t tade Emein…..Physcally he is the strongest of all the D-men. He’s invaluable playing teams like Boston…….and in the play-offs………..he’s in a large group on the Habs that dont get an A for hockey sense.Hemakes mistakes,like all other players…..but……he nevers loafs or coasts while on the ice..There are four orfive other players who should be ahead of him on the”get out of town list” However,onehas to accept that most of these would ,,,,,,as my son says…….bring only a bag of pucks and a hot dog. The habs shortcomings are mostly offensive……but I have to wonder is it as much the system or the players……or…both? When Gerrard Gallant was in charge of the PP it was much better. A return to a good pp would quiet a lot of concerns about trades. Bringing along the young guys has a cost……..but it pays dividends…..and is no reason to make a trade.The maturation of the young guys will solve some of the major problems

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