Habsworld: Kovalev: The Enigma


    Habster’s take:

    T.C Denault is correct when he states that we shouldn’t expect Alexei Kovalev to produce much more than his career average of 57 points. Playing with Saku Koivu could improve that point total by possibly 10 points but why haven’t they played together more often the past two seasons. Putting Micheal Ryder on the same line as Kovalev would be a disaster as both players like to hold onto the puck( too long in most cases!!) and create shots for themselves.
    It requires a special player to play with Alexei Kovalev, one who understands his need to handle the puck and at the same time be patience with his creativity. The biggest challenge for his linemates will always be that Kovalev is so creative with the puck that his winger/center never know what he will do at any given time.
    If only Alexei Kovalev could play a more simplistic game, utilize his teammates more often and play as if the game was a sudden death playoff game then Habs fans would be happy with a 60-65 point season. No more, no less!!!!