Happy Winner in Hockey Love Hurts Contest


MONTREAL, QC. — You will remember that @MarilouDesAnges expressed her emotional pain as a hockey fan and by doing so won a $180 prize pack from Visa Canada.  Marilou received a $35 Visa gift card, to help cope with the thought that the season is over, an electric shaver to ceremonially remove a playoff beard, a new athletic shirt to replace a well worn lucky jersey stained with tears and food, and a comfy blanket.

So what hockey moment hurt Marilou badly enough to garner her a happy moment as a prize winner?  Here’s the entry she submitted:

“About 5 minutes before game #3 (Canucks vs. Kings), I abruptly ran quickly or even speedily to the washroom… The reason for this turning point? I had to make sure no one would see me, needing some all of a sudden emergency space. When shutting the door I instantly shed a load of tears was bawling like no mercy in silence! Yep! Al because I was fearing another loss! After a min of this very intense reaction, I hurried to recompose though! Then, I went on to join my friend as if nothing had happened! Ya right! As if my friends did not see how much mascara had disappeared! Btw, #ThankYou so much for this wonderful year! #ILoveReadingU”

When informed of her win, @MarilouDesAnges found herself on the opposite end of the emotional scale:

[blackbirdpie url=”https://twitter.com/#!/MarilouDesAnges/status/194744958983487488″]

Well, after a few days, Marilou received her package her excitement was renewed, tweeting, “Just as I was starting to pout again.. #UPS guy rang my door bell! I got my #HockeyLoveHurts prize pack Thanx @All_Habs ”

Today, we received a kind thank you note from a very jubilant Marilou.  It seems this Hockey Love Hurts tale really does have a happy ending!

Dearest All Habs…

Happy! Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy! Joy!

Yep! I have received my #HockeyLoveHurts package prize! It was about time to have all those mouchoirs, I was starting to run out of them!

This pack is definitely made for the boys! But hey.. being a real hockey fan that knows how to share, I will make all those goodies worth while!

First, the new shirt is very well appreciated! It is mighty nice to have a brand ”jersey”! The old one had to be released from it’s duty with all the years we had spent together.

Evidently, the luck was all worn out! So, being this one is black, is that a prediction letting us guess the Kings will be winning Lord Stanley? … I would sure hope so! Since they are the one’s responsible for making me cry in the first place!

On regards, of ze razoir, it will be of good necessity! I will give this sharp gift to a friend that owns the best beard of series! It might be a hint that he also needs to take a shower! :P

As for the blanky… There is NOOO WAY I am sharing this one with anyone! Unless… it is a rescued Greyhound that needs some well deserved comfort, after having such hard life. Not that easy to be ”Grey’t” athlete! They rrrooove to snuggle with those kind of soft and cuddly blankies! Certainly, you will make one of them ”Roooo” of joy! ;-)

The Visa gift certificate will be of good use also! It will be spent on a new Habs Doggie Shirt, to start the next season fresh! Away olds and welcome the news… with a new GM and coach that breath PASSION!

Oh! The basket, made with some fine leather, is perfecto for the little K-9’z to snooze in! I know some lil furrriends that will be more than grateful!

So in all, this terrific basket has dried my tears and filled the empty space created by the terrible loss!

Again, a Kazillion thank yous All Habs and Visa! Wouldn’t have made it without you!

My sincere appreciation and gratitude..


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