Is A Virtue


    Habster’s take:
    Ryan Garner from theVallejo Times-Herald(San Jose newspaper) wrote the above article for about GM Doug Wilson and the Sharks fans being frustrated about the lack of UFA signings (sound familar folks!!!). I’ve highlighted this section of his article to show Habs fans that the media and Sharks organization is very aware of Montreal’s depth at the goaltending position especially Jaroslav Halak. San Jose is a potential trading partner but I would not part with Halak unless there is a package of players going both ways that would help Montreal immediately. I would prefer to unload Huet but this might be easier said than done, thanks to his $2.75 million salary(to high for a potential back up).

    “If I’m Doug Wilson I go out today and pick up Montreal’s Jaroslav Halak. I interviewed him a couple years ago when he was playing in Long Beach and he’s going to be a star in the league someday, slight frame, bad teeth, outstanding goalie. His numbers have been incredible everywhere he’s played and he’s just sitting there. Montreal has a real logjam with Huet and possibly Aebischer coming back, plus they have blue chip prospect Carey Price in the system, so they’re totally overlooking Halak, who might be the best of the bunch. He’s 22 now, give him a couple years as Nabby’s backup and he’ll be ready to start. I’m telling you, the kid’s going to be a superstar someday. Other needs include a defensive defenseman, a scoring winger, and some toughness up front. More on those needs in the days ahead”.