Hossa and Havlat coming to Montreal?


    I don’t know where Bruce Garrioch gets his information from (I would hope not from a bar patron in Ottawa) but he should drop the “source” who gave him this BS rumour as the Canadiens will not acquire both Hossa and Havlat……it’s either one or the other but not both!!! Bob Gainey will not change his modus operandi overnight when it pertains to trades especially on trade deadline day. He is a very cautious general manager (sometimes to a fault) when he does make a deal and will not mortgage the future for a rental player unless he can sign the UFA player and/or he doesn’t have to give up a crazy asking price. Secondly, Gainey would have to trade away a ton of young talent as well as disturb team chemistry in order to get Havlat and Hossa…….not going to happen, Hab fans!!!
    I would also be very hesitate to acquire Martin Havlat as he still has another year remaining on his contract at $6 million and has a history of injuries so simply put: Buyer beware!!!