If Huet thought some nights that he didn’t get much help in the defensive zone with the Canadiens, then he better get ready when he starts playing for the Capitals. Bruce Boudreau has the Caps playing an aggressive forechecking, offensive style of play which leaves their goaltenders vulnerable to odd man rushes and poor play in their own zone.
Washington is ranked 25th in the NHL for goals against so Huet better get ready to see a lot of rubber!!!!


  1. Does your headline have anything to do with the article? I don’t notice Olaf Kolzig’s name mentioned anywhere in the article yet its clearly in the headline.

  2. Better check your figures. Montreal allows 31.0 shots per game. Washington gives up only 28.0 shots per game. The reason why Washington allows so many goals is because their goaltending stinks, i.e. the reason why they acquired Huet.

  3. Hey Brian,

    You are right about the shots on net but I was referring to the goal against as well.
    Granted, the Canadiens haven’t exactly been stellar in their end lately so who I’m I to throw stones at the Caps……..I hope Huet does well for the Caps because he’s a great guy but I’m not convinced he’s the solution for your team…….we’ll find out soon enough, won’t we!!!
    Thanks for the comments

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