Jeremy Wants Mathieu Darche Back with the Habs


By Steve Farnham, Associate Editor,

LONGUEUIL, QC. — Although Mathieu Darche was never known for his offensive abilities, over the past couple of years with the Canadiens, he has found the ability to distinguish himself as a reliable fourth line player, who although limited in talent, made up for it with hard work and determination. Unfortunately for him, the acquisitions of Brandon Prust and Colby Armstrong created an excess of fourth line players, and Darche was the odd man out and is now left without a contract.

I couldn’t help to feel for Darche, who without a contract offer from the Canadiens, finds himself on the unrestricted free agent market with no offer from any team at this moment, but at the same time can understand why Marc Bergevin felt it was necessary to part ways.

Some people are still in disbelief and saddened that Darche won’t be returning with the Canadiens next season (whenever that’s going to begin), and such was the case of Jeremy Ram, who on Twitter had a chance to speak with what must be one of his favorite hockey players.

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It was a nice gesture of Darche to take the time to have this conversation with Jeremy, and who knows, maybe Jeremy will get an autograph after all, but I’m sure it won’t be Leblanc’s or Nokelainen’s.


(Photo: The Canadian Press)


  1. This is everything that’s wrong with the Montreal Canadiens.

    Such a big fuss (and the media attention to validate it) over a marginal French-speaking player!

    Darche’s best offer will come from Europe, and I hope he takes it.

  2. What proof do you have that he “finds himself on the unrestricted free agent market with no offer from any team at this moment”?

    Do you know him or his agent personally and that they have no turned down any offers?

    Just curious.

  3. How about the fact that he’s stated it in every interview he’s given in the past few weeks (regarding CBA negotiations).

    He has turned down two-way offers, a while ago. As of now, he confirms all is quiet, no phone calls, nothing.

  4. @Uncle Leo: I’d like to think that there are far greater reasons to explain what’s wrong with the Canadiens, other than the fact Mathieu Darche and one of his fans had a conversation on Twitter.

    @shane: I don’t know him or his agent. As Chantal indicated, he’s been very open about his situation and has stated this himself.

    Thanks for reading and leaving a comment.

  5. Far greater reasons? While I struggle to rationalize why I should give a rat’s ass about some guy named Jeremy and his tweets of love to a marginal 4th line player, I don’t believe for a second that there is a SINGLE greater reason for the Habs’ failures over the past 30 years than the insistence of the team, media and fans to maintain a ridiculously self-imposed francophone quota.

    From the executives down through the coaching staff and the players, lesser skilled francophones have, for decades, been given preferential treatment, ie. JOBS, to the detriment of the on-ice product.

    Jeremy, whoever the hell he is, is not alone. Whether it’s a preoccupation with the employment status of Mathieu Darche, the deification of David Desharnais, or the bizarre hiring of Michel Therrien, the ‘French first’ philosophy of this organization and all its parts is, indeed, everything that’s wrong with them.

    • Uncle Leo has definitely nailed the one issue that has had the biggest impact on the Canadiens and is one that is the easiest remedied.

      Habs management has decided to install a “restrictor plate” in an effort to quiet bigots.

      Further the mainstream media like RDS has shifted the norm giving a disproportionate voice and prominence to fans like Jeremy.

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