Jokinen for Koivu, Jaroslav Halak, a first-round pick and a prospect(Alexander Perezhogin)?


    Ken Campbell is playing NHL GM here by throwing names out there but realistically Gainey would be very hesitant to trade his captain and completely disturb the team’s great chemistry on and off the ice. Gainey is a great believer in not disrupting the dressing room and stated such during his pre-jersey retirement talk with the press yesterday, “We’re not looking to disrupt a good group that’s improving individually and collectively”. He also comes from an era when the locker room atmosphere was as important as the on ice chemistry.
    I can remember during the Ronald Corey days when we went through captains (Keane, Muller, Carbonneau……) like Brittany Spears goes through underwear……..whoooo!!!! sorry……I forgot that she doesn’t wear underwear!!!… mistake!!!
    Anyhow, all that to say that Gainey isn’t Corey and will want to keep things constant…….unless he’s blown away by an offer he can’t resist, Capt. Koivu will lead the Habs into the playoff and probably be one of their best players…….like his boss!!!


    1. Campbell suggests that Jokinen for Koivu, Halak, a prospect and a 1st round pick is about right. That is just pure insanity!!

      I would rather have Koivu than Jokinen. Koivu has given his heart and soul to this team and to this city. I agree that he will be great in the playoffs.

      Halak is going to be a good goalie (some say he is better than Huet) and will serve adequately as Price’s backup.

      I wouldn’t want to see Gainey give up key prospects like O’Byrne, McDonagh, Emelin or Fischer. The 2008 draft class is special and the Habs should not be trading their 1st pick.

      Gainey could trade Streit who may be attractive to some teams for their powerplay. Dandenault is another player that wouldn’t be missed. I like Ryder but it seems that Gainey will not resign him so its better to trade him now. How about maintaining what seems to be an annual tradition of trading Smolinski at the deadline? And lastly, its time to trade Huet.

      I’m starting to lean heavily towards Gainey doing nothing at the trade deadline if the type of deal suggested by Campbell will be done. Gainey can then make additions when the UFAs come available after July 1st without giving up anything.

    2. I’m also not crazy about trading away Koivu especially at this crucial time of the season and it won’t happen…..though I would consider this deal after the season.
      Olli Jokinen is 27 years old and a big, talented center who would be a nice addition to the Habs… he’s signed through the 2009-10 season at a very affordable $5.25 million per season.
      Martin would want more than Koivu as the center piece of the deal……Higgins or Plekanec would be more attractive to Florida but I wouldn’t make that deal.
      As far as trading Mark Streit, I wouldn’t be against it as long as Gainey can make a “hockey” deal which would help the Canadiens now. Streit’s versatility would be hard to replace in the lineup and on the powerplay as well.
      Thanks for your well thought out comments and readership, it’s much appreciated.


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