Lafleur was born to wear the CH (#1 habs trade)


    Habster’s take:

    There have been players who have had better career numbers than Guy Lafleur but nobody had the flair or charisma that he had while playing hockey. I will always remember how the big three (Robinson, Savard and Lapointe) would occasionally set up behind the net, waiting for The Flower to speed by, taking the puck on one of his great rushes up the ice with his hair flowing in the air while the opposing defensemen had a look of panic on their faces trying to figure out how to cope with his speed and stickhandling. Don Cherry has always said that Lafleur was a superstar who never complained or whined when Cherry would have his players hit, slash and at times cheap shot Lafleur unlike the superstars of today (Hi Syd!!!).

    As Red Fisher said, Lafleur was a special player who was one of the best of his hockey era. There will never be another Flower in a Canadiens’ uniform but we can always dream, can’t we……maybe one day the Habs will have someone in their lineup who can score a 100 points!!!! He will never be another Lafleur though!!!