Leafs GM on the way out


    Globesports.com (David Shoalts):

    “Sources close to the MLSE board say Ferguson is on his way out as GM. But no one can say just when because it appears the board does not have a succession plan in place yet.”


    “Does not have a succession plan in place yet.” Give me a break!!! This is why the Leafs are in such a mess, there is no long term plan in place even when it pertains to dealing with JFJ in the short term. Have the MLSE board members been sticking their heads in the sand the last 2-3 weeks? There should have been a short term succession plan for the replacement of JFJ for the remainder of this season. Here is a prime example why Leafs fans should be demanding for the total overhaul of this management structure, it doesn’t work!!!

    There……I’m done blogging about the Leafs for today or hopefully longer!!!