Marian Mythbusters


    Atlanta Journal-Constitution:
    Marian Mythbusters
    By Craig Custance Thursday, February 21, 2008, 01:41 PM
    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
    First let’s get this out of the way. Marian Hossa participated in the morning skate here in Raleigh. He’s still a little sapped from the flu, but he was there. So, let’s play a round of Marian Hossa Mythbusters, shall we?
    Myth: The Canadiens received a shipment of Marian Hossa hockey equipment in Habs colors.
    Truth: Yes, there was a shipment of Hossa equipment to Montreal in blue and red. But it was a shipment for his brother Marcel. In Rangers colors.
    Myth: Valtteri Filppula said on his Facebook page that he’d been traded from Detroit to Atlanta in a deal for Marian Hossa.
    Truth: It was a fake. Filppula has contacted the Red Wings front office to alert them that somebody is using his name on Facebook. Actually, it’s fairly common for people to do that, which is pretty scary. More than one of the Thrashers has said people have used their names online, and had conversations with friends and families posing as them. Hey, that’s a story.
    Myth: Mark Recchi and Marian Hossa were spotted at Hartsfield-Jackson getting on a flight to Montreal this morning.
    Truth: This one is my favorite because I was e-mailed this tip while I was watching Hossa and Recchi skate past me at the skate this morning. That being said, I will admit that I was consciously looking for Hossa at the airport this morning, especially in the long security line. It was something to do, anyways.
    Myth: Hossa caught the flu from Sasquatch.
    Truth: Actually, I’m pretty sure that one is true.


    Thank god for Craig Custance of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution who has been following the Atlanta Thrashers since their conception into the NHL. He’s basicly the beat reporter or media for the Thrashers and does a great job of keeping their fans well informed and updated on their team………he also keeps certain bloggers up to date with the latest Hossa information or in this case…..the latest sightings!!!