Msytery Man: Swede Fabian Brunnstrom



    20 NHL teams are alleged to be pursuing to varying degrees and it won’t necessarily come down to what type of NHL entry contract he is offered by these teams. As Bob McKenzie rightfully mentions, Brunnstrom will get top 5 pick money ($875,000/year and 2 year term if he is 22-23 years old….he’s 23) and bonuses which is standard fair in the NHL. Fabian Brunnstrom will probably be pursuaded by two or three other factors such as: 1)a one way contract, 2) a solid promise to crack an NHL lineup next season (he’s not eligible to play in the NHL this season) and 3) the most influencing factor, if there are fellow Swedes on the team.
    Canadiens fans shouldn’t hold their breath for Brunnstrom to be wearing the Bleu, Blanc et Rouge in the future as he has allegedly given his North American agent, J.P Barry a handful of teams that he would like to play for and there hasn’t been any mention of the Habs (I’ve heard Detroit, Ottawa, Vancouver, Toronto and New York Rangers mentioned as possibly destinations).
    Just because the Canadiens weren’t mentioned in the media or don’t have any Swedes on their current roster, doesn’t mean they won’t sign the talented young Swede but the probability is low.