New Beginnings: Welcome to Habs Hockey Report

Rocket Sports announces the launch of Habs Hockey Report


Rocket Sports announces the launch of Habs Hockey Report

ROCKET SPORTS MEDIA | MONTREAL, QC. — We are thrilled to welcome you to the launch of Habs Hockey Report. This is the new home for fans of the Montreal Canadiens looking for the best news, information and analysis from an independent voice.

We are proud that our former publication, All Habs Hockey Magazine, has been your trusted source for everything about the Montreal Canadiens for over 15 years. And we have been grateful for your loyalty and support!

Building on our Strengths

From our humble beginnings as a blog and then a digital magazine to a network of multimedia content published by Rocket Sports Media, we have embraced change as an opportunity to grow. Our team of talented contributors is inspired by our connections in the hockey world and our relationship with our audience.

At Rocket Sports, we are proud of the All Habs brand that we built since the 2007-08 season of the Montreal Canadiens. The team has had many changes in personnel in that time: players, coaches, general managers, and even owners.

The way the game has been broadcast and reported has changed too. All Habs was a pioneer in the use of social media to communicate directly with fans.

All Habs popularized the use of the #gohabsgo hashtag. We held regular hockey watch parties for social media users who wanted to get together in person. And we have helped hundreds of hockey fans enjoy their first experience at the NHL Entry Draft through our events.

Over the years, more than 140 people have joined All Habs to share their hockey knowledge or to join our training program to gain sports writing experience. And many have used the valuable experience contributing to All Habs to launch their careers.

We have enjoyed the luxury of both consulting with industry experts and communicating directly with fans to keep our product fresh, innovative and accurate. And it’s time to evolve once again.

New Beginnings

The Rocket Sports Media team has now launched our latest venture: the Habs Hockey Report website.

As of today, you can find us right here at:

Bookmark it!

Habs Hockey Report will publish the content that you have come to love: News, Habs Notebook, Game commentary and Feature articles.

Weekly Video posts will continue to be found on our YouTube channel.

And don’t forget about our very popular podcasts: Canadiens Connection and The Press Zone.

As for “All Habs”, it has been placed in the care of the fine folks of a Quebec Media company who will take it in a new and exciting direction. So, we say ‘so long’ to an old friend as we welcome Habs Hockey Report to the Rocket Sports family!

Thank you to each one of you for your support and loyalty! We are very grateful for our readers and listeners, many of whom have been with us since our humble beginnings.

We welcome you to continue to follow our work at Rocket Sports Media as we change to meet your appetite for news, information and analysis about the Montreal Canadiens.

Welcome to Habs Hockey Report!


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