New CHL team unveiled in Montreal


New Montreal Juniors jersey


Having a QMJHL team in Montreal will be a great thing for people who want to see a good caliber of hockey and not have to make a mortgage sized payment for their families to get into the arena (Hello!!! Mr. Gillett!!!).
The team owner, Mr. Farrel Miller appears very serious about making this new franchise work and has even looked into making improvements to the Verdun Auditorium arena where the team will play next season. He even mentioned in an interview with the TEAM 990 of the possibility of building a new arena in the future and has hired an architecture firm to give him feasibility and cost studies.
Mr. Miller is getting a very good young team that has played very well this season and is currently in fifth place in the QJMHL with 84 points (39-22-3-3). Team management and GM/Head coach, Jacques Beaulieu have done a good job of drafting players over the last couple years so the team should be very competitive next season as well.

“Our last few years at the draft have been fruitful and we are very confident that we will be able to count on having a competitive club next year. Our development years are behind us and at the very least, we are now aiming for a playoff spot,” stated Martin Routhier, president of the Club de hockey junior de Montréal.

Count me in as someone who will gladly go to a few games and support the newest attempt to bring junior hockey back to Montreal……welcome back Q!!!