Numerology and the Habs



    You may have heard about something called “The 23 Enigma”. Some cynical Habs fans may think it refers to a GM (and his recently retired sweater number) who announces that he will land an impact player on trade deadline day and then lets the prize slip away. (I seem to be in the growing minority who believe that it was one of the best trades never made.)

    The 23 Enigma is actually the premise for the movie “The Number 23”. Jim Carrey’s character is obsessed with the number 23: tilt of the earth’s axis is 23 degrees; 23 chromosomes from each parent in our DNA, etc.

    So what does this have to do with the Habs? I was reminded of the ‘phenomenon’ by something that appeared in my email this week and seems to be circulating among Canadiens fans.

    Habster, myself and others have used statistics, history and potential to explain the positive impact to the Canadiens by trading Huet and turning over the goaltending reins to Price and Halak. You still aren’t convinced? Well, take a look at this. An unknown author has devised a explanation using numerology:

    31 (Price) + 41 (Halak) – 39 (Huet) = 33 (Roy)


    Now, does anyone have a Ouija board?


    1. Hey Rocket,

      I think we are converting Habs fans to the dark side……I mean the Price side!!!
      So if I’m converting your math into words, then the tandem of Halak/Price = Roy’s performance……4 time Stanley Cup Champion……I like that math, Rocket….I like that math a whole lot!!!

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