Patrick Roy’s Number SHOULD be retired in Montreal

    57 (Yvon Pedneault):

    The events of the last while here have definitely been terrible and Patrick Roy’s involvement in them has as well. These kinds of incidents are nothing new to Roy, who has been a magnet for controversy around the area for a very long time.

    It has been recently stated by certain people that this incident, combined with the manner which Patrick left the team years ago should mean that his 33 should not be allowed to hang rom the rafters.

    I disagree completely.

    Patrick’s success in this city and the way he changed the position are all I need to know.
    The fight the other night should hold no bearing on the fact that the Canadiens should retire his number next season during the centenial celebration.

    At the time when Patrick had his famous meltdown in Montreal the team was already preparing to trade him. It is widely known that his time here and relationships with management had grown strained.

    But I much prefer to remember the warrior that took this team to the championship and changed the position for ever with his style and conditioning.

    That is what we need to remember.Patrick will always be a controversial fellow, and he will also always be a successful man.It is my belief that the #33 will indeed be retired next season as it should.

    What do you think?


    1. Hey Kostadis,

      It’s hard to argue your point. I do think he should get his jersey number retired… about 3-5 years from now, if he can control his anger issues!!!

    2. Roy is one of the greatest goaltenders of all time. He will be rightly recognized in the HHOF.

      To have a jersey raised to the rafters, excellence on the ice is a minimum standard. But, there is a higher bar than for HHOF. Additional qualities are required: leadership, honour and loyalty are some that come to mind.

      In my opinion, Roy is lacking in one or more of these areas.

      I would not support retiring #33. However, Robinson, Gainey and others had to wait 30 years to see their jerseys retired. That would mean that we revisit this issue in about 20 years from now for Roy.

      Perhaps, by then, my opinion will soften.

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