Pride and Jubilation: A Story of Habs Heart

photo courtesy of Associated Press

Written by LadyE,

MONTREAL, QC — Monday March 12, 2012, 9:30pm, on the couch in my living room, eyes glued to the television set.

The Habs were down by one goal.

That Tyler Ennis, is one fine sharpshooter.

Damn him!

On the edge of my seat  wondering “Will they tie the game?”

There was just under a minute left.

The action in front of the Buffalo net was electrifying.

Plekanec took the face-off, the puck made its way to Subban, who passed it to Markov.

Markov took a shot.

Cole was digging to create opportunities, while getting tripped, hooked and cross-checked, working so hard to get the puck on a stick that could get it past Ryan Miller.

Where was that damn referee?

I stood up and paced. My heart was racing.

Plekanec took a shot, it rebounded to Subban who took another shot, which went off a leg into the corner.  Pacioretty tracked down the puck and tried to pass from the corner to Desharnais but it hit a Sabres player.

Cole grabbed the deflection and fed it to Desharnais who scored!

There was 4.6 seconds left in the game.

I cheered wildly!

My cheers though, were nothing compared to the jubilation I saw on the ice.

Subban jumped and hugged Desharnais and the rest of the Habs that were on the ice surrounded Desharnais, congratulating him. The camera pans to the bench and the players were cheering and standing and banging their sticks on the boards.

What a celebration!

You would never think that this same team is in fifteenth place in the standings.

Yes fifteenth place.

What I saw were players who care. Players who want to win. Players who celebrated like they just won a playoff game.

These guys have a truckload of heart, something I never doubted.

“To see us compete at the end like that and not give up, says a lot about those guys that were on the ice, working so hard for it, you have to be proud of that. I was happy with the effort, under the circumstances, the guys gave it all that they had.”  — Head coach Randy Cunneyworth

There are twelve games left in the season. If the Habs continue to play the way they did against Buffalo, these games will be exciting to watch.

Twelve more games to soak in as much Habs play as possible.

Twelve more games, and hockey ends for my boys in the Bleu Blanc Rouge.

But that’s OK. The future looks bright.

Is it October yet?


  1. I don’t care if you think getting a high draft pick is essential to our teams future, if you don’t cheer wildly everytime Montreal scores, and aren’t full of pride everytime they win, then you’re not a true fan!

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