Puck the Bunny Predicts: Montreal Canadiens vs Toronto Maple Leafs [VIDEO]


Montreal Canadiens vs Toronto Maple Leafs

Saturday January 19, 2013  7:00 pm.

CURITIBA, BRAZIL — Puck the Bunny appears on AllHabs.net predicting outcomes of games from his home in the beautiful country of Brazil. Yes, an exotic prognosticating bunny! In 2011-’12, his first season as a member of the All Habs team, Puck’s record was an amazing 23-12-6!

Today he picks the winner of Montreal Canadiens vs Toronto Maple Leafs.

PUCK_1With only 24 hours until the opening of the 2012-’13 NHL season, Puck has donned the business-wear for his first prediction (do you know how hard it is for a bunny to put on a tie?)  Who do you think looks better behind the NHL podium: Puck, the Bunny Commish or that stooge named Gary?

First, let’s update Puck’s viewers who have been asking about his condition via Twitter messages. After not one, but two Markov-like surgeries in the off-season, Puck’s knee is 100 per cent better. Puck used the period of the lockout for more than 30 physiotherapy sessions. He is happy to be back and was missing all his hockey friends.

During training camp this week, Puck suffered a little accident where he lost one of his nails. He lost a lot of blood, but the vet was able to stop the bleeding. He will need to take pain medication but has vowed to that won’t take him away from the game. In the words of Carey Price, “you’ll see me on Saturday.”  Just like his favorite goalie he will be ready to send some bunny luck to Habs tomorrow.

He hopes Habs end this season in a better position than the  last one. According to Puck the only good thing about last season was all the new rookie additions. He likes Alex Galcheyuk and would love to see him score a goal tomorrow.

Puck believes Mark Bergevin is already doing a great job and it won’t take long to Habs add another cup to their collection.

Puck wishes he could be at McLean’s Pub with all his friends for the All Habs Hockey Party. Go Habs Go!

Who did Puck choose today? Watch!

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Just a few words for our Brazilian friends: Puck the Bunny tem um importante trabalho. Ele trabalha para o All Habs Brasil com a função de prever resultados de jogos — hoje ele escolherá o vencedor do jogo Montreal Canadiens vs Toronto Maple Leafs.

Quem ele irá escolher? Assista e descubra!

Are you unfamiliar with Puck the Bunny? Here’s his bio:

Name: Puck, the Bunny.
Date of birth: May 17, 2011
Age: 20 months
Hometown: Curitiba, Parana, Brazil.
Zodiac: Taurus.

Why the name: First, because his human likes hockey, and second, because when he arrived at only 45 days old, he could not stand alone and slipped on the wooden floor as a puck! Much like the scene here.

What time do you wake up?
Well… I usually wake my human up at 5 am!

What are your favorite hobbies, Puck?
Eat my human’s shoes, furniture, teddy bears, cables and wires. Oh! I also like to play cards, explore the house, jump on my human’s bed, play with my plush friends, watch Canadiens’ games. My job at the current time, is predicting the games!

How did you become a fan of the Canadiens?
Influenced by my human, Louise, she gave me my first jersey when I was a baby.

Who is your favourite player? And why?
Carey Price! Because he ‘saves the puck’, the other players ‘hit the puck.’

What are your favorite snacks when you’re watching the game?
Ummmmm … I like carrots, apples, dry apples, bananas, collard (and other types of dark green leafs) and… paper!

What are the things you don’t like, Puck?
I do not like the Bruins, blue Leafs and BIG animals that scare me!

And what is your biggest dream?
My biggest dream… I would love to play in the snow!!


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