Puck the Bunny vs EA Sports: Stanley Cup Final


Los Angeles Kings vs New Jersey Devils

Series begins Wednesday May 30, 2012  8:00 pm. ET

CURITIBA, BRAZIL — Puck the Bunny appears on AllHabs.net predicting outcomes of games from his home in the beautiful country of Brazil. Yes, an exotic prognosticating bunny!  Throughout the 2011-’12 season, Puck’s record was an impressive 23-12-6!

Puck is a Habs fan, and is most comfortable predicting their games, but naturally there is interest in Puck’s predictions for the Stanley Cup playoffs.  The Brazilian bunny is doing well in the 23-person All Habs staff playoff pool currently sitting in second place, just one point out of the top spot after three rounds.

EA Sports has used the AI of its game simulations to make some very accurate hockey predictions in the past few years.  Their sterling record has been tarnished a little this season — according to the folks at NHL 12, Sidney Crosby was supposed to lead his Pittsburgh Penguins to Stanley Cup Championship.  The Pens lost to the Philadelphia Flyers in six games in the opening round.

Here is the full list of predictions by EA Sports NHL 12 for the conference quarter finals.

Western Conference

(1) Canucks defeat (8) Kings; 4-2 > incorrect

(2) Blues defeat (7) Sharks; 4-2 > correct team

(6) Blackhawks defeat (3) Coyotes; 4-1 > incorrect

(4) Predators defeat (5) Red Wings; 4-3 > correct team

Eastern Conference:

(1) Rangers defeat (8) Senators; 4-1  > correct team

(2) Bruins defeat (7) Capitals; 4-0  > incorrect

(6) Devils defeat (3) Panthers; 4-3  > correct team and number of games

(4) Penguins defeat (5) Flyers; 4-3  > incorrect

That’s four correct predictions, out of eight in a first round that was very unpredictable.  Puck also predicted four series correct namely Capitals, Devils, Predators and Blues.

So how would these two prognosticating forces fare when going head-to-head? Cue the competition: sports video game giant, EA Sports NHL 12 vs All Habs fan-favourite Puck the Bunny.

First EA Sports:

So, NHL 12 has the Kings taking the series and the Stanley Cup in six games.

Puck believes that picking Los Angeles is a safe prediction — he thinks that the Kings are a good team, and he really likes Jonathan Quick. We think he just likes all goalies.

But here is where Puck will disagree with EA SPorts: the bunny believes that the Stanley Cup should stay in the east. That way, it will be close to return to its rightful home, Montreal, next season.

Watch Puck the Bunny’s prediction:

Puck predicts that the Devils will be hoisting the Cup after defeating the Kings in seven games.

In a few short weeks, we’ll see which prediction is correct. Enjoy the Stanley Cup final!

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