Rangers’ Avery at his best as a pest



    Sean Avery must be on some sort of medication that affects his vision because he states: “He’s (Komisarek) big, so he doesn’t skate well”. Avery’s right about Komisarek’s size but every game I’ve watched this season, Komisarek isn’t a gazelle but he is an above average skater who has no difficulties keeping up with today’s fast pace NHL game. Simply put, Mike Komisarek has been a dominant force for the Canadiens this season and is having a breakout season.

    Sean, lower the dose of your meds and while you’re at it say hi to your gorgeous girlfriend, Elisha Cuthbert……OOOH! sorry, I forgot that she dumped you and is now allegedly dating that “slow” Habs defenseman…..it pays to be slow and big with a beautiful lady like Miss Cuthbert.