RDS: Sans Latendresse et Bégin


    Habster’s take:

    Here we go again!!! Carboneau making another lineup change. What’s worst is that Team 990 is reporting that Steve Begin found out about not playing by not seeing his name on the board in the locker room after practice this morning. Carbonneau should have spoke to Begin in person and communicated in the proper way. Maybe Carbonneau hasn’t learned from his mistakes of last year? Whether Carbonneau is trying to light a fire under some of his players asses or bring a competitive edge to his roster, the coach has to give his players some respect by telling them in person that they’re not playing.
    With veterans players, this type of approach usually doesn’t go over well but unfortunately this team can’t have too many passengers in the lineup. Whether you’re a veteran or a rookie, you have to produce. Why Steve Begin? I don’t know because he hasn’t played badly. Will Garth Murray be any better? I doubt it!!! I do know that the coach has to be accountable for his actions as well. Let’s hope Carbonneau can work with his players to improve the team on and off the ice and that has to include better communication on the coach’s part.