Redden Did The Right Thing



    Well, look who finally showed up at,……RDS Canadiens hockey analyst Yvon Pedneault. I have always enjoyed listening to his comments on RDS along with play by play man Pierre Houde. RDS provides coverage of all Montreal Canadiens games and they do a great job of covering the games/practices/trades…..etc.
    I have posted his first english blog article which he did a great job with when you consider that it’s his second language…… the way, I agree that Wade Redden did what was best for him and his family which is the bottomline. At this point in his hockey career, he doesn’t owe the Senators organization anything beyond his gratitude and his on ice performance which has been pretty good to this point in his career. After all, the Senators were the ones who gave him the no-trade clause in the first place……were they so naive to think Redden wouldn’t use it.