Rocket Power: Young Habs Fan Gives Back

Ethan's birthday cake. I heard it was delicious.

Rocket Power is an initiative pioneered by Rocket Sports Media designed to mobilize hockey fans to support charitable organizations and to get involved in their communities. We are proud to help raise awareness with a series of continuing features intended to spotlight members of the hockey community who are making a difference.

By Erica, Contributor, All Habs Hockey Magazine

MONTREAL, QC. — Bev Mitelman recently threw a party celebrating her son Ethan’s ninth birthday. Most kids his age would probably ask for tons of gifts, like a new stick to play street hockey or a hat with a Habs logo on it. Instead, Ethan decided to use his hockey fandom to help others, and asked for donations to the Montreal Canadiens Children’s Foundation. Friends and family sent him donations instead of gifts and he raised over $550 to help underprivileged children in his area. That’s a pretty impressive feat for someone whose draft dreams are still nine years away. I had the pleasure of interviewing him and his mother about his birthday fundraising.

Hi, Ethan! What day was your birthday? Did you have fun at your party?

My birthday is on May 20 and my party was on the Sunday after that. I had lots of fun! All my friends came and we played hockey and there was candy and cake.

Ethan's birthday cake. I heard it was delicious.
Ethan’s birthday cake. I heard it was delicious.


How did you decide to ask for donations instead of presents?

I already have lots of toys and things to play with, so I guess I didn’t really have any other things I wanted to ask for.

You must be happy that you raised so much money. Who did you get donations from? 

Lots of people donated, like my family, my neighbours, and my friends at school and on my hockey team. I’m really happy that they gave me donations. I was surprised that we collected so much money!

There are lots of charities out there to pick from. What made you choose the Canadiens Children’s Foundation?

I love hockey and I love the Habs!

Who’s your favourite hockey player?

P.K. Subban!

The Children’s Foundation makes it easier for underprivileged kids to play sports. What’s your favourite sport or game to play outside?

I like all of them, but my favourites are hockey, soccer and basketball.

Do you think you’ll want to do something like this again, maybe for your next birthday?

I don’t know yet, but maybe my friends thought it was a cool idea and they’ll do it too.

Hi, Bev! What was your role in your son’s fundraising?

My husband and I helped Ethan by researching a few different options for his charity. Once he saw that the Montreal Canadiens had their own charitable foundation to help underprivileged children enjoy in sports and recreational activities, his mind was made up! Playing sports is everything to him, so he saw this as a perfect fit. We set up his donation page on

The reaction from the family was very positive – and Ethan was very much encouraged and praised for his decision. Admittedly, he did still get some gifts from his grandparents and close relatives, but the bulk of the gifts he would have received from the 25+ kids at his party were given as donations instead. I contacted the Montreal Canadiens Children’s Foundation after his birthday and they congratulated him and thanked him for raising so much.

Youppi and local children at the newest rink opened by the Montreal Canadiens Children's Foundation.
Youppi and local children at the newest rink opened by the Montreal Canadiens Children’s Foundation.

CanadaHelps lets you set up a donation page to collect donations for any Canadian charity.
For more information on the Montreal Canadiens Children’s Foundation, please visit their website.

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