Rumour: Habs make offer to Alexei Yashin


    By Habster

    According to TSN’s Darren Dreger, the Montreal Canadiens have made an intial offer to Alexei Yashin. The Carolina Hurricanes, Washington Capitals and Atlanta Thrashers are also believed to be interested in Yashin. Dreger states that Yashin and his agent, Mark Gandler will take the next few days to consider their options as far as which team/offer to take. Dreger also states that Yashin will not wait long before making a decision.

    Habster’s take:
    As much as I like Alexei Yashin’s size and obvious skill set, it’s the lack of desire and drive he exhibits far too often which drives coaches, teams and fans crazy. If Yashin was put in the right playing environment (players, coaching staff and sport psychologist!!) and put a higher level of desire/heart into his play then the sky’s the limit.
    I don’t expect Yashin to replicate his best year (1998-99: GP-82 G-44 A-50 PT-94 Ottawa) but as long as he works hard every night and can produce a 70-80 point season then he would be worth a gamble. A lot of “If”, “maybe’s” and “but’s”……….at $2 million per year “maybe” he’s worth the risk!!!!!
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    1. I have to say I am disappointed with the signings at this point.

      There are to many if and or buts.

      However with the risks the habs have taken may as well take Yashin its not our money after all. He does have skill and hey may well decide to use it.

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