Rumours: Kings/ Habs Talk possible trade

    272’s Eklund has the following trade rumor, take it for what it’s worth, folks!!! :


    There are a lot of whispers among many of the players on both teams as well as a few very credible sources that The Kings and Habs are discussing a deal that could come about late next week depending on a few other possibilities. One source told me that he feels this is also running parallel with the San Jose talks. “However the Kings players coming back are more impact players and include another Hab going to LA.

    Habster’s take:

    I don’t normally post any of Eklund’s trade rumours simply because they rarely happen but this one actually intrigues me because of the players on each team and the team’s needs.

    LA needs more scoring on the wings and lack an established goaltender until Jonathan Bernier can fully develop and become their franchise goalie. The Kings do have numerous talented/natural centers on their roster: Anze Kopitar, Michal Handzus, Michael Cammalleri, Patrick O’Sullivan, Trevor Lewis and Derek Armstrong to name quite a few!!! On defense, they also have a lot of talented defensemen they could dangle in front of Bob Gainey.
    On the other hand, Montreal have an abundance of goaltenders and could possibly spare a winger so anything can happen. Just don’t hold your breath waiting!!!!
    Here is the LA Kings roster: , tell me what you think?