Ryan Russell Re-Assigned To Cincinnati Cyclones


    Ryan Russell wasn’t playing a lot with the Bulldogs and with the signing/assignment of James Wyman to the Hamilton Bulldogs, there were too many inactive players on the roster. It’s been a frustrating start to Russell’s pro career but like a lot of Habs prospects, there is a log jam of good young players in the system……..it’s a numbers game. What also doesn’t help Russell’s cause is his small stature……..the Habs have a small team to begin with and also have quite few small yet talented forwards in the minors like Russell (ie- Locke, Trotter, Desharnais and Beauregard to name a few).
    If Russell does make it to the NHL, he’ll have to stand out above the rest, similar to what David Desharnais has been doing presently with the Cincinnati Cyclones. Nobody said it would be easy to make it to the NHL but at least Ryan Russell is playing professionally in a game he loves so much, where he takes it from here will depend on him and the numbers game.