Islanders making bloggers part of media corps


Habster’s take:

Why not include NHL bloggers as part of the media covering their teams? Some bloggers do a great job of covering the NHL or an NHL team and keep fans well informed about their team. Giving them full access to the team will only improve a team’s image and coverage especially in markets where hockey is not being covered by the local media on a full time basis (ie- LA Kings or Anaheim Ducks). It could only improve visibility in “lesser” hockey markets like Nashville or Atlanta.
With that being said, I’m not sure big hockey markets like Montreal and Toronto need to add more people covering the teams. I’m sure if you asked the Pat Hickeys, Pierre Durochers and Red Fishers of the Montreal Canadiens media world, they would not be pleased to have to fight with bloggers for elbow room when interviewing players in the locker room. These guys have to make a living by covering the Habs and would not appreciate the added competition/waiting time for interviews.
At least the door has been opened to bloggers to be recognized as part of the media covering NHL teams. Give credit to the New York Islander for being the first NHL team to open the locker room doors to the blogging community!!!