Great interview with Sabres GM Darcy Regier about his concerns and ideas on how to increase scoring in the NHL. I’m more of a traditionalist who believes we shouldn’t make too many changes to the great game of hockey especially bigger nets. I do like the idea of calling a penalty for a player who intentionally falls down to block a shot or dives in the attempt to break up a scoring chance especially a breakaway (even if the diving player hits only the puck and not the player). The NHL has to do more to allow players clear shots on net and increase scoring chances.
In the end, I can understand Darcy Regier’s frustration with the lower number of goals scored these days but at what cost? Like some hockey traditionalist, I believe you can make some subtle changes mentioned above without making drastic one like making the nets bigger. If the NHL does alter the size of the nets, it will inflate players statistics and for ever change the history of the game which in my opinion demeans the career accomplishments of some great players of the past. Somethings in sports shouldn’t be changed just for the sake of change and this is one of them.