The Hockey News 2008 GM rankings: Gainey ranked #4



    How can Ken Campbell rank Cliff Fletcher #23 on his list……give me a break!!! I think Mr. Campbell has been talking or spending too much to his CBC Hockey Night in Canada colleague, P.J. Stock or is smoking some “wacky tobacky”.

    Fletcher has only been on the job for a few weeks and his past achievements shouldn’t count when you’re ranking the present accomplishments or at least the last 3-4 years of work.


    1. campbell is a huge leaf fan, he has admitted to it and even apologized for being biased but he said ‘so be it’. He is one of many unethical/unprofessional ‘journalists’ from toronto.

      ~ moeman

    2. Hey Moeman,

      It just goes to show you how easy the Leafs players and management have it in Toronto compared to in Montreal.
      The french media can be absolutely brutal to the players (ie- Saku Koivu) especially the non-francophone players!!
      Let’s be honest, the nationally driven media coverage is “over the top” bias toward anything related to the center of the universe, it’s sickening at times.
      The out of the playoffs Maple Leafs still get more media coverage than the playoff bound Calgary Flames and Montreal Canadiens……crazy and truly unfair!!!

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